Commission Information


If you are looking to commission a drawing of your pet, this order information will quickly give you an idea about my ordering process.


Visit the Pricelist

View offered mediums, sizes & prices. Please let me know if you require a different size from the listed ones. If you need any assistance or if you have any questions, simply contact me and I will help.


Choosing Photos

Take or choose photos of your Pet. I look at one main photo when drawing, but would love to have a choice of several photos in order to see the true personality, character and details.


The better quality the photo, the better quality the drawing will be! (Although I have a certain experience I can only draw what I see)

The pawtraits I produce are unique drawings of “your pet” and not just any photos are key.

Please have a read of the “photo requirements”.


If you would like more than one subject pawtrayed, I can work from separate photos and don´t need all subjects together on one photo. I can create digital composites with your photos, depending on your requirements and wishes.


Contact me

Once you have your photos, the next step is to send me any photos you have at a good resolution and let me know your requirements and thoughts.

You can email your photos to or send them via regular mail.

Photos sent through regular mail will be returned along with the completed portrait. (If you are sending any treasured photos in the postal system, please take copies of them just in case of damage via the postal system).

If you sent photos for approval, which I for some reason could not work from, I will return them free of charge.



After we have confirmed all requirements you want, the payment (commission & shipping) is due before I begin work on your portrait.


A note about payment policy: We all can be a bit apprehensive when buying a product or accepting a commission over the Internet. However, until we work together, all I can offer are words at this point. But I will try to explain: a pet pawtrait is a very time consuming one-of-a-kind custom endeavor. Once the creative process begins I concentrate only on that pawtrait until it is completed.

So, because the creative process is a major commitment on my part, I accept orders with full payment to insure the sincerity of the request.


Payment can be made preferably with Paypal via the Chilipaws Shop ( If the required product is not available please contact me and i will add a matching shop button for you).


In progress

If you like, I can email you photos step by step as I work on drawing your pet pawtrait. This allows you to provide input or make slight variations during the drawing process.

Fortunately and happily, all of my portraits have received final approval.


Final Scan

When the portrait is completed, I send a digital proof of the final painting to you via e-mail. Any minor changes you might require will be made at this time. Your happiness is very important, and I want to make sure you’ll love it before shipping . (Please note that the images on the Internet can never reflect the quality of the original drawings)


Timeframe for delivery

This varies according to how many pawtraits I currently have to complete. I always have a client list - i.e. a list of clients waiting for me to create a pawtrait for them.

I work on a first come, first served basis. The average time from order to completion of the pawtrait is around 2 / 3 months , but it can sometimes be quicker and I will try to accommodate your deadline if I can.

I provide gift certificates for those who would like to give a portrait as a gift for a special date if I am unable to meet your deadline.


Final notes

The artist always owns the copyright on his artwork, even if they have been commissioned and paid for by a third party. This gives an artist the legal right to reproduce artwork or use it for publicity purposes. The commissioner may not reproduce the image without the artist’s permission.


HOWEVER, I consider the process of commissioning a pawtrait to be a private contract and I will never use the painting of your animal on my websites or on printed material without your permission.